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University of Kentucky: Find a Researcher

The system was created out of opportunity and necessity for increasing intra-institutional collaboration. The University of Kentucky had administrative data available for all researchers and their publications. These data at the time were used for performance evaluations of employees and virtually nothing else (with some exceptions).

Find a Researcher is a search engine and recommendation system that capitalizes on these data and provides all researchers at the University to easily find other potential collaborators using the full-text search capabilities of the system as well as serendipitously receive suggestions of potential collaborators via email.

The system was developed by the Information & Communication Technology Collaborative at the College of Communication and Information by Michael Tsikerdekis, Ning Yu and Sherali Zeadally and is currently managed by Faculty in the University's Information & Communication Technology program.

The system is currently in BETA and eventually it is going to released to be publicly available to people within and outside the University.

The system is currently limited to the Colleges that are utilizing Digital Measures to store the publications of their employees. If you cannot find a researcher in the database or a College this is probably the reason why. Utilization of Digital Measures in the University of Kentucky has been picking up over the past year and the majority of Colleges are using.

The system mirrors the data found on Digital Measures and processes it to become search engine accessible. The data are mirrored weekly but employees (or their departments) are responsible for updating their publications. This usually happens once a year close to December where performance evaluations are turned in but employees could update their publications all year round and they will become available to the system.

What is currently indexed:

  • Published intellectual works